Mercy Chukwuji Ikeji

Dezionite Gerneral and interior Services Limited

Mercy Chukwuji Ikeji

Mercy is the founder of a cleaning services business, offering competitive home cleaning within the local region via a large team of experienced staff.

She planned her Let’s Go Trade visit to Dubai to include research practices within the commercial cleaning sector. During her trip, Mercy gained valuable insight into developments within the sector, including the integration of technologies. Visiting the Dubai franchise of one of the world’s largest cleaning companies. She identified the introduction of wireless security cameras as a means of establishing trust between her company and clients whilst promoting a stronger work ethic within staff.

She now operates this system within Dezionite and has noted an increase in clients as a result, stating, “Now I can monitor my staff in real time, give my existing clients peace of mind, and register new clients, especially those clients who have been sceptical about signing up for cleaning services due to security concerns.”

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