Iffah Billah Binti Haji Junaidi


Iffah Billah Binti Haji Junaidi

Iffah’s businesses is RAB Global Green Sdn. Bhd., which manufactures eco-friendly fire extinguishers; BFB Agrotechnology, which supplies and maintains eco-friendly aqua culture systems; and, Tropica Solar Photovoltaic Company, which has the patent for solar PV module sealant.

Iffah planned her Let’s Go Trade trip to Taiwan and Xiamen based on the background of her existing business partners and potential partners she had identified who are from the areas.

On her trip Iffah spent time building relationships with Chinese contacts and learning about the upcoming business trends in the country. The additional visit to Taiwan allowed her to attend the Taiwan International Exhibition, which showcased innovations within her businesses industry and benchmarked the current market. It also allowed her to collect Tropica Solar Photovoltaic’s patent.

The trip made a significant impact on Iffah’s attitude to business, she said, “It was refreshing discovering new business opportunities that I will not only use for my businesses but which also gave me more motivation to share best practices, innovations and ideas with Brunei companies and to hopefully expand the businesses out together.”

The outcome of Iffah’s trip was a significant contribution to both the businesses and her personal professional development. For Tropica Solar Photovoltaic, the trip to China was a catalyst for change that cut raw material costs by 50% and increased sales by 78%. The company will soon be creating more jobs to meet the new demand. Sales of agrotechnology increased by over 100% after she adopted innovations in marketing techniques that she encountered on her visit.

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