Lucas Jonis Silva


Lucas Jonis Silva

Identifying a gap in the environmental and industrial survey market for more efficient and less costly methods, Lucas developed remotely operated drones which generate quality survey data. Lucas Jonis used Let’s Go Trade as an opportunity to grow existing links with an Italian technology company and identify technologies that would progress his business, Neo Vision.

The visit brought on significant developments for Neo Vision, cementing three important trade agreements which put the company in partnership with European businesses. On his visit, Lucas also sourced superior thermographic technology available on the international market but not in Brazil, securing contracts for use and distribution back home. “For over a month our team conducted training in use of new technologies, partnership negotiations for technology transfer and representation of innovative products in Brazil,” Lucas said.

Back home in Brazil, Neo Vision has experienced positive change as a direct result of the Let’s Go Trade trip. Energy costs have been significantly reduced through changes to waste disposal methods and the introduction of a system which converts waste into energy.

Long-term plans include beginning the distribution of technologies that their European partnerships have paved the way for. Lucas said of his Let’s Go Trade visit, “This opportunity was a milestone in the company's history, enabling access to information and key partnerships to carry out our plans.”

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