Mauana Simas


Mauana Simas

In 2013, Mauana launched Nós Todos Filmes, an audio-visual production company providing improved accessibility for people who are blind or deaf. Refining her business model, Mauana has developed a strategy focused specifically on the accessibility needs of cultural institutions.

Mauana focused her Let’s Go Trade visit to the US and Europe on research and development, exploring the audio-visual solutions provided by leading cultural institutions in the world’s most progressive cities.

In Paris, which is seen as the ‘benchmark for accessibility programmes’ by the industry, Mauana was able to undertake a guided tour of a world-class art institution by a Professional Consultant of Accessibility in Museums. This access to high level industry knowledge and expertise was not available in Brazil yet.

Mauana’s visit enabled him to gain first-hand knowledge of the practices of some of Paris’ leading cultural institutions, and offered her a unique professional insight into the objectives and challenges of the industry, as well as an awareness of the conversations driving future developments. Particularly emotional for her learning was the chance to see the world’s first fully accessible cultural institution, Paris’ Science Museum, which serves as the design foundation for a project Nós Todos Filmes are potential partners to her research conducted on the visit may also result in a potential deal to secure one of the company’s first major clients.

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