Yuli Anita


Yuli Anita

Yuli created Emeno Nursing Wear to offer a solution to new mothers, designing and producing fashionable garments which enable then to breastfeed their babies easily and discreetly.

Let’s Go Trade funding offered Yuli the opportunity to undertake a research trip to London, one of the ‘big four’ fashion capitals of the world, to explore current industry innovations, best business practices and potential for international trade.

During her UK trip Yuli visited one of the industry’s leading educational facilities, The London College of Fashion at the University of Arts London. She also attended a B2B event hosted by one of the industry’s most cutting edge organisations, MODA. Through her experiences, she learnt about the processes behind fashion buying, the current benchmarks of the industry and methods of product development.

Yuli invested the knowledge she acquired on her trip into the business practices of Emeno Nursing Wear, with the company now placing ‘focus on existing business processes and practises to improve efficiency, find new customers, cut down on waste and increase profits.’ Through small, attentive changes she increased efficiency, expanded her customer base, cut waste, improved sales turnover and experienced a 10% increase in profits. Looking to the future, Yuli forecasts Let’s Go Trade has made a significant impact on Emeno Nursing Wear’s profits, sustainability and potential for growth.

Yuli commented, “There are always lots of opportunities that come from Let’s Go Trade networking, including joint ventures, partnerships and public speaking. I feel like there is a brighter opportunity ahead waiting for my business.”

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