Fábio Marçal da Fonseca


Fábio Marçal da Fonseca

Scribere began as a proofreading service, growing to offer many different language services. Fabio’s ambition is that the company will become one of the first companies in Brazil to offer online language coaching.

Let’s Go Trade created a poignant opportunity for Fabio to obtain industry standard certification, investing Scribere with internationally recognised credibility and ‘a thorough knowledge which was not possible to find in Brazil’. The world’s only available industry recognised Spanish language neurolanguage coaching course is taught in Barcelona, so without the visit Fabio would not have been able to obtain validation of his knowledge in the area. He also suggests an important additional benefit was ‘contact with language and cultural diversity, which is essential for language researchers’.

Fabio further utilized his time abroad by setting up meetings with companies and professionals to expand his network within Europe, which has the ‘best academies of coaching and the most experienced professionals’ within the language coaching sector.

An improvement in Scribere’s commercial success is not the only positive impact Fabio has seen from the trip. Bringing internationally recognised accreditation has positively impacted the local language coaching industry by offering a benchmark within a previously unregulated area.

Fabio states of his trip, “I feel encouraged and motivated. The experience of Let’s Go Trade has provided me with a network, future partnerships, probe knowledge, cultural exchange and certification to innovate as a professional in my country with a worldwide credibility.”

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