Target participants and selection criteria:

  • trading for between 12 – 60 months
  • a minimum of five employees
  • you will be required to share business financial statements and/or bank statements, successful applicants will also need to provide evidence of a valid passport, visa (where required) and insurance documentation
  • ideally aligned to the top 5 sectors identified for the country, energy transition to a low-carbon future or Shell’s supply-chain
  • be able to produce a robust case for an international visit as a means to business innovation and growth

The following information will be helpful to you when drafting your application:

  • this initiative is by invitation only for a small number of past Shell LiveWIRE participants
  • businesses will have been trading for less than five years and have growth potential
  • guidance and information resources are available on this website to help you, but you must prepare your own plan, and  if your application is successful you must make all arrangements for your visit, and take full responsibility for visas, insurance etc.
  • grant funding is available for up to 50% of the costs of travel and accommodation (up to a maximum of US $3,000) to each participating business
  • to be successful you should aim to identify a gap in a market which your business may be able to fill, your trip will help you to explore the solution
  • gaps may include, for example, a new product or way of delivering a service, a different business model, a better delivery channel, a different supply chain, a new export opportunity (this list isn’t comprehensive; you may have other, innovative ideas about the gaps that are relevant for your business)

Visits should be designed to help your business explore the gap you have identified, but could include, for example:

  • a simple 'Visit and Learn' to a country where the new innovation already exists
  • a benchmarking visit to explore a model that operates overseas in a different sector, but that could be adopted in your home sector
  • an exploration visit, which involves meetings with potential suppliers or partners who would be in a position to support the introduction of new or disruptive technologies
Success Story: Mercy Chukwuji Ikeji

Mercy Chukwuji Ikeji

Dezionite Gerneral and interior Services Limited

Port Harcourt, Nigeria

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Success Story: Yuli Anita

Yuli Anita


South Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia

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Success Story: Iffah Billah Binti Haji Junaidi

Iffah Billah Binti Haji Junaidi


Brunei Darussalam

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Success Story: Dr. Sara Saeed and Dr Iffat Zafar

Dr. Sara Saeed and Dr Iffat Zafar


Pakistan (Karachi and KPK)

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